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Check now if you are eligible for a loan guaranteed by the Fondo Centrale di Garanzia

    NSA Group is the credit broker that changed the concept of credit brokerage

    NSA Group helps your business take off again with a guaranteed quick financing.
    Today, more than ever, NSA Group is at the forefront of quick efficient financing to support enterprises during the pandemic.
    As a credit broker, we help you prepare the necessary documentation and we manage the relationship with the bank on your behalf.
    NSA helps you find the best tailored solutions for your company to take off again.


    Services for banks

    We help banks handle the necessary paperwork for guaranteed loan applications, ensuring 100% foreclosure.


    Services for enterprises

    A full range of services a click away. From accessing a loan guaranteed by the Fondo di Garanzia to drafting a business plan.


    Insurance services

    We offer companies the best corporate insuring solutions to protect their business.
    NSA SA is registered at IVASS, the Institute for monitoring insurances (NSA SA – N. B000493343).

    Why choose NSA Group?

    NSA has strongly believed in its motto for 20: “We trust our clients”.
    This is why our history as credit broker for SMEs is based on one simple concept: you pay ONLY if and when you get your loan.

    NSA is the top credit broker for Italian companies as to revenue rating, monitored by Banca d’Italia through OAM art. 128 terdecies T.U.B. (NSA SRL - N. M360).
    NSA partners with 20 banks in Italy.

    This is how NSA works, just Success Fees!

    From 2007 until today:

    euros intermediated
    visited yearly
    analysed yearly
    transactions concluded

    Contactless management
    of loans and guarantees

    GesfinTECH facilitates the dialogue between banks and firms in the process of applying for loans guaranteed by the Fondo Centrale di Garanzia.

    NSA is the ideal credit broker, offering a fully digital handling of financing procedures thanks to its innovative platform, GesfinTECH.

    NSA Group and credit brokerage. 20 years of challenges and goals.

    NSA is specialized in the application process for a guaranteed loan with the State Fondo di Garanzia, managed by MCC., as per Law 662/1996. We assist both companies and banks throughout the guarantee’s duration.

    Check your eligibility for a guaranteed loan right away.

    Our Groups provides a range of products and services to assist your company apply for a guaranteed loan (NSA), get interest-free loans to cover corporate insurances expenses (NSA SA – Insurance Solutions) or easy financing to help your business grow and develop (ALA Easy Finance).

    “NSA really can understand the value of our work and projects. They have the right “vision” to help companies grow and expand.”

    Ivan Consoli. Owner of Serafino Consoli

    “We built a great relationship of mutual respect and trust. NSA is the right partner to develop your business.”

    Luca Bernardini. Owner of Sisthema Srl

    “A serious and reliable partner. They can see the quality, the professionalism and the passion we place in our business.”

    Giacomo Perletti. Owner of Contrada Bricconi.

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