NSA Book

“NSA Book DAY ’19” and “NSA virtual day 2020” - and the following events – are a contribution of NSA Group’s Research Office for the spread of knowledge of Italian SMEs’ issues.

Our Group provides services for banks, funds and companies in order to improve processes and solutions to everybody’s benefit.
We examine Italian SMEs and provide a bigger picture of this important economic sector for the purpose of new financing tools being brought forward and improving SMEs financing, as the support structure of our GDP.

NSA’s Research Office partners with various Universities (e.g. Milano Cattolica, Genova and Bologna Universities) and lecturers. Of equal importance are the researches commissioned to PwC to evaluate the efficiency and efficacy of our own activity as credit broker. Results prove both funders (banks and funds) and authorities (FCG) that our proceedings are reliable and risk minimizing.

The NSA Books that waere originally meant to collect acts and transcriptions, contain various elements: from current year nsaPMIndex, showing the state of health of Italian SMEs, to researches on NSA and commissioned by NSA. The proceedings that are annually presented at our NSA Days are gathered in the NSA Book for organizations, banks, funds and media to evaluate, as well as for researchers or anybody else to explore further these themes.