nsaPMIndex is the annual index that represents the state of health of Italian SMEs

nsaPMIndex is elaborated by the NSA Group Research Office together with D.I.S.A. - Department of Corporate Studies of Alma Mater Studiorum - Bologna University, basing on quantitative data resulting from filed balance-sheets.

nsaPMIndex is a concise and clear summery of a complex analysis. If offers few key indicators (some of which are quite self-explanatory like employees, growth, liquidity, investments) to have anybody understand the state of health of Italian SMEs that represent 50% of the Italian GDP and 80% of Italian occupation.

Since 2018, nsaPMIndex measures variations in SMEs’ performance as to profitability, growth, efficiency and financial sustainability. During 2020, the general index registered a value of 106.50 (based on 2019 balance-sheets), increasing vs 2018’s 104.2.

2020 nsaPMIndex was elaborated basing on data from 2019 balance-sheets, filed in 2020 spring-summer. Therefore the consolidated data can be compared with the series starting in 2017, the base 100 having been calculated exactly basing on 2017 balance-sheets.

Calculating the index required a complex analysis to identify key factors and respective weights.
The following table shows results of the experimental research and lists factors’ weights in order of importance.

The following Table shows how the Index is updated from year to year, focusing on variations per sector; having all 2016 factors rebased to 100, 2017 results are: