It is crucial for a company to know in depth the industry sector to which it belongs. A scientific knowledge that stems from data collection and analysis, understanding and comparison with other researches from reliable sources. The same database in fact may produce different outcomes when a systematic error or a biased interpretation occurs.
Only a wide, thorough and verified research can supply “correct numbers” for decisions to be taken.

Research and reports from our Research Office range from analysis of the Fondo Centrale di Garanzia - including players, enterprises, industry sectors, regions, provinces and local emerging trends – to the analysis of specific sectors or types of enterprises to feed our client companies knowledge and forecasts.

NSA Group analyzes around 900.000 balance-sheets annually, as well as existing trends for single companies, groups or industry sectors, an essential bulk of information for the improvement of loans application proceedings. Our Insurance Rating for the analysis of corporate insurance coverage is also a useful tool to evaluate a company credit worthiness.

All data, with the exception of single SMEs’ private data, are available for media and organizations: the objective is to spread the knowledge of a crucial yet neglected economic reality across media and support organizations with reliable data for relevant decisions.