Business plan

We stand by your side in the drawing up of the perfect Business Plan for your Company

NSA offers professional and thorough advice in drawing the Business Plan that best suits your company.

What is a Business Plan?

A Business Plan is a document that summarizes projections of the Company’s medium-long term return on perspective investments. It also includes an analytical outlook of balance-sheet ratios as compared with the most important ratings and evaluation systems.

Why an accurate Business Plan is essential?

It is on the Business Plan that banks base their evaluation of a company’s financing
It is even more important for the applicant Company as the Business Plan proves in advance the quality and feasibility of its projects, profitability and overall return on investments, and it may turn out to be a way for the Company to protect itself. In this very moment, a properly done Business Plan may speak highly of your projects and be decisive for their implementation.

How is NSA supportive?

We elaborate a three-year provisional document for the commissioning client or his bank to evaluate the company’s expected development in economic-financial-capital terms and project the return on perspective investments.

The document is drawn up basing on information on the Company structure, perspective investments and expectations that the client places in the form, “Questionario Business Plan”.
Other accounting and general records that are useful for drawing up the Business Plan may be required along with the form.

The advisor who is collecting the necessary documents and who will draw up the Business Plan is available for clarification, information and advice, both via mail and on the phone.

Business plan


The perfect business card

A good Business Plan allows banks to evaluate a company’s outlook and the expected return on the entrepreneur’s choices. Thus it is fundamental that the correct ratios and perspective economic outcome are applied.

A professional approach

A correctly and consistently structured Business Plan will increase funders’ trust. No space for improvising.

A trump card

The Business Plan is essential for banks to build financial covenants for transactions and corporate financing. Without a professional Business Pan, the company might miss the opportunity to turn its projects into reality.