The SACE Guarantee

NSA for the SACE Guarantee

SACE SIMEST came into play with D.L. n. 23/2020, under MEF’s direction, to guarantee State counter-guaranteed loans to enterprises hit by the pandemic.
NSA offers full handling of the application process for the SACE Guarantee.
NSA supports both banks and companies during the process and throughout the SACE Guarantee duration.


SACE was established in 1977 as part of INA (National Institute of Insurances).

In 2004 it became a stock company and it is now 100% controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

SACE sustains Italian companies, especially SMEs, that want to improve their business on the global market.

Together with SIMEST, SACE represents an export and internationalization hub for enterprises to guide them in the choice of markets and in the management of risks linked with running business operations in new unknown locations.

The SACE Guarantee and Covid 19

The D.L. n. 23/2020 mandated SACE, under MEF’s direction, to guarantee State counter-guaranteed loans as a support tool for enterprises hit by Covid-19.

As of November 25, SACE has guaranteed loans for 17.2 billion of euros, out of 981 applications received.

Who may apply for the SACE Guarantee?

  • All types of enterprises, no matter the economic sector and legal form;
  • Self-employed workers, independent contractors with VAT number;
  • Professional Associations and Professional Companies.

What does NSA do?

  • Check your company eligibility and the available loan amount;
  • Collect the necessary documentation through our websites;
  • Draw up the SACE Financing Report and present the application to the bank;
  • Monthly monitor and update the development of contract-based engagements of both the bank and the beneficiary company.

SACE financing characteristics

Maximum period: 72 months, with up to 36 months grace period.

Time regularity: quarterly

Guarantee value: 70% over 5 billion euros revenue.

80% between 1.5 and 5 billion euros revenue

90% under 1.5 billion euros revenue and less than 5.000 employees.

For over 20 years NSA has always believed in its motto “We trust our clients”.
This is why our history as credit broker for SMEs is based on one simple concept: you pay ONLY if you get your loan.

The SACE Guarantee



Maximum accuracy and utmost competence in handling the financing process and gathering the necessary documentation for the bank guarantee to be quickly and successfully issued.


Maximum efficiency in the managing the process on the SACE website.
Feed-back within 24/48 hours (average).


Utmost expertise throughout the whole process: from bank approval to operations quarterly monitoring.