Ensure company continuity with a natural disaster insurance policy and finance it.
With NSA SA Insurance Broker.

Safe Growth

NSA SA ensures companies safety today, for development tomorrow.
NSA SA’s pool of experts, specialized in insurance brokerage and risk advisory, analyze corporate risks and find the best possible solution for any need.

Risks Brokerage

NSA SA identifies corporate areas that need insurance coverage for capital risks connected with the specific market sector, staff activities and external relations.

Insurance Brokerage

Credit worthiness and insurance coverage are ever more strictly linked.
Every day NSA SA investigates, evaluates and implements the best possible solutions to protect entrepreneurs and their companies.

Insurance services

Insurance Rating

Our Insurance Rating is aimed at evaluating SMEs’ insurance policies’ consistency. The rating was developed by NSA SA-Insurance Solutions, insurance broker of NSA Group, together with the Milan Cattolica University.

Scontato Proteggere

Ensure your company’s continuity with a natural disaster insurance policy and finance it. With NSA SA Insurance Broker.

Insurance services


NSA SA Insurance Solutions is a company of NSA Group’s aimed at analyzing corporate risks and existing insurance coverages’ consistency and offer innovative, personalized and competitive solutions.
Credit worthiness and insurance coverage are inextricably bound together.
The goal of NSA and NSA SA is to improve companies’ credit worthiness through the best possible insurance coverage of capital, activity and staff connected risks.

NSA SA is registered with IVASS, Authority for the Supervision of Insurances (NSA SA – N. B000493343).


How can I access the service?

Provide us with copy of all your corporate insurance policies, excluding policies for vehicles.
We also need Policy Sheet and General Terms and Conditions for each contract.

What can I do if I can’t get copies of my policies?

You can get the full documentation from your personal area on your Insurance Company website. You will probably be requested to insert policy number, tax number, email address.
For any need, you can authorize NSA SA to handle the registration/validation on your behalf.
Send your request in this sense to assicurazioni@grupponsa.it

How can I send copy of my policies?

1. Via email, to assicurazioni@grupponsa.it
2. Via courier (paper documentation) to NSA S.p.A. Via O. Fallaci, 38 – 25030 Castel Mella BS


How can I access the service?

You can dial +39 0303 40265 or email info@scontatoproteggere.it and arrange an appointment with one of our consultants:

  • at your office
  • at our office in Brescia
  • telephone or video call.
Is withdrawal possible?

Scontato Proteggere is a free service, as is withdrawal until the requested loan is disbursed.
You have time enough to evaluate the advantages of our service (saving+financing) and then decide whether or not to continue.

Want to learn more?

Contact us for any question or information request.