Insurance rating

The Insurance Rating of NSA SA – Insurance Solutions

The Insurance Rating of NSA SA-Insurance Solutions, Brokerage Company of the NSA Group, is a rating model developed with the Milan Cattolica University for SMEs’ to have their insurance policies evaluated and possible improvements suggested.
Too often corporate insurance costs are not in line with the relevant type of company and activity. Thanks to NSA SA’s advisory, entrepreneurs may figure their company’s insurance situation and choose the best spending strategy.

How NSA Insurance Rating was born

NSA SA’s Insurance Rating model stemmed from the direct experience of a representative sample of NSA Group’s 15.000 client panel. Around 1.500 companies (10% of the total panel) were chosen to analyze their insurance policies (except insurance policies for vehicles), their specific risks either covered or not covered, respective premiums, insured values and maximum limits.

NSA SA Rating strengths:
  • Identify specific risks your company needs to cover, basing on market sector characteristics and company size;
  • Identify the insurance gap between your present coverage and the ideal one;
  • Calculate your company’s Insurance rating;
  • Define a benchmark vs general market, specific sector and size;
  • Simulate the effects on your insurance rating (and related credit worthiness) should you decide to add other policies or dismiss some of the existing ones.
Did you know…?

This service is free for NSA clients!

Insurance rating

What do we offer?

NSA Insurance Solutions

NSA SA, part of NSA Group, was founded to analyze corporate risks and insurance coverages, and offer innovative, personalized and competitive solutions.

The purpose of NSA and NSA SA

Our purpose is to match credit worthiness and insurance coverage to protect companies’ capital, activity and staff.

NSA SA finds the best solutions

Credit worthiness and insurance coverage are strictly linked.