Ensure your Company’s continuity with a natural disaster policy and pay the expenses with a financing.
Scontato Proteggere is a product by NSA SA – Insurance Solution, part of NSA Group, that offers the best possible corporate insurance coverage and advisory, through a fully guaranteed financing.

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Scontato Proteggere means saving money: 31% is our clients’ average saving on insurance costs, including the necessary regulatory adjustments.

NSA SA – Insurance Solutions

NSA SA – Insurance Solutions, part of NSA Group, maps companies’ corporate risks and relative insurance policies, suggesting innovative personalized and competitive solutions.
A company’s insurance coverage is ever more strictly connected with its credit worthiness.
NSA SA aims at securing the best possible insurance coverage to protect a company’s capital, business and behaviour and thus improve its credit worthiness.

NSA SA is registered with IVASS, the Italian Authority for the supervision of Insurance market (NSA SA – N. B000493343

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