NSA’s business analytics skills reduce the risk of insolvency down to around zero, which makes NSA a perfect partner for banks.


NSA is a trustworthy and reliable partner for banks, quite rare and valuable qualities indeed in the credit brokerage. NSA offers two valuable advantages that prove its professionalism: 100% called guarantees and up to 30 billion euros Liability Insurance coverage for the protection of both parties.


Since 2001 NSA Group has been the link between banks and firms.
Due to the rigor of our procedures and internal checks and the professionality of our people our back-office is an effective assembly line for loans application. This process is quite complex as to the relationships between banks and companies and, especially, the bureaucratic procedures, like paperwork and eligibility analysis, reports for the credit office, final storage and archiving.
NSA handles all this quickly and safely, which represents a unique advantage for banks.


NSA sales network of 70 people all over the country help banks identify and reach the widespread market of territorial SMEs.
Our salesforce is constantly trained and updated to keep up to the highest efficiency standards.

NSA service Banks

NSA is a partner to 20 client banks providing full handling of applications for guaranteed loans, taking care of both the bureaucratic side and the relationship with client companies.

Services for banks


What is the Fondo di Garanzia?

The Fondo Centrale di Garanzia is a Governmental tool to ease loans to SME’s. It is managed by Banca del Mezzogiorno MedioCredito Centrale Spa (Invitalia Group), key contact to both banks and companies.

What kind of guarantee does the Fondo di Garanzia offer?
  • The Fund offers the requesting banks a high value surety guarantee, due to its 0% risk weight, which helps banks release resources and SMEs access to credit.

  • The coverage ranges between 30% and 80%, with a maximum coverage per SME of 2.5 mln euros.

  • The cost ranges from 0.25% to 1% of the guaranteed share with one-off payment at the time of the loan disbursement. Usually the payment is up to the bank that later charges the company for it as part of the arrangement fee. In certain specific cases this cost is not charged at all (female companies, innovative start-ups, innovative SMEs, transport sector, the South of Italy).
Why outsourcing part of a bank’s activities to NSA?

For NSA’s level of specialization, effectiveness and efficiency, as a result of 17 years of close contact with Italian enterprises.

Specialization = full handling of the Fondo di Garanzia, company reports, paperwork to ease the bank procedures.

Effectiveness = business developments with the best Italian enterprises, default rate lower than 0.9%, only 320 foreclosures out of 15.000 procedures, 100% guarantees called.

Efficiency = loan disbursement and guarantee issue within 40/60 days from the opening of the practice.

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